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Updated 07.04.2022

You know roulette to be a famous casino game, and you’ve probably seen people playing it online, but do you personally know how to play roulette? We are here to make you a roulette pro!

Roulette is a game that features a wheel with a ball that lands in a slot. Each slot has a number or combination of numbers. You wager money on which slot a ball will land in. Don’t worry if you’ve never played roulette before: how to play roulette is simple to learn. How much you win depends on what kind of bet you make and where a ball lands. Payout is different for every kind of bet.

Guide to Online Roulette Rules

Players need to find information that will guide them on how to play roulette online. Therefore, this BestCasinoPlay review highlights crucial details to get you started.

  • Place your bet

How to play roulette on PC or mobile? You place bets on numbers (1-36), colors red/black, even or odd, a dozen, etc., and wait for a wheel to be spun by a dealer. Once a ball drops into a slot, you’ll win if you’ve placed a wager that covers that particular number. If not—better luck next time. You’ll need to choose a chip size you want to wager with. After that, you can place your stake.

  • Dealer Spins a Roulette Wheel

After all bets have been taken, how to play roulette becomes easy. A dealer will spin a roulette wheel and then drop a ball on it. A ball will spin around the wheel for about 30 seconds or so until it lands on a number. If your wager matches that number on one of two designated roulette colors, you win!

  • The Outcome

If one places a bet on a number and a ball ends up falling on that number’s slot, payout will be 35 to 1. If you wager on a color—say, black—and a ball hits a black slot (there are 18 of them in total), your payout will be 2 to 1. If you wager on even or odd and your prediction is correct, then your payout will also be 2 to 1.

Red vs. black, even vs. odd, and low vs. high bets options are dictated by the highest roulette probability having European (48.60 percent) and American (47.40 percent) layouts, which you will learn about later in our how to play roulette guide.

  • Collect Your Winnings

You get paid 2 to 1 if you bet on the correct color. For example, betting $10 and winning on red would pay out $20 ($10 original wager plus $10 profit). If you are not sure which color to pick, you can always try betting on each color.

You can even do a similar thing with individual numbers. Say, there are 36 numbered spots and a single 0 (without a single 0, it is called “European-style Roulette”). You could bet on any one number coming up because it has a 1 in 37 chance of happening (again, assuming there’s a single 0). If your number does come up, though, you’ll win 35 times your bet!

Game Variations and Odds on Roulette

There have traditionally been two sorts of roulette games: European and American. Primary distinctions between these two sports will be explained by a comparison of odds.

European Roulette

The majority of online casinos provide European roulette. It has a single feature that differs it from American roulette, which is 1 green pocket with a number 0.

American Roulette

This type of roulette you’ll find in most US casinos, especially in Las Vegas, along with blackjack, craps, poker, and of course the best casino slots online. It’s nearly identical to European roulette, with an exception of one key difference: a wheel has 2 green pockets with a single and double zero.

French Roulette

Despite different betting roulette board setups, this type of roulette is not unlike a European variety. One looking into how to play roulette will recognize the same wagering options as with previously mentioned roulette types. French roulette is distinguished from other types of this game by an addition of “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules, which are beneficial to a player, as they allow them extra chances not to lose a bet.

Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is lesser-known, but it is increasing in popularity online. It’s a streamlined roulette version with lesser numbers and wagering options.

Multi-Ball Roulette

With the multi-ball roulette, you can play casino roulette game with up to three balls on a singular wheel! It is a wonderful approach to improving your long-term odds.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This new game version is now available at various web roulette 1$ deposit casino Canada platforms. All its gaming options are nearly identical, however, you can gamble on many wheels’ outcomes at once.

Live Roulette

With this roulette, you can bet online, but you can also see a real dealer in action. That is the beauty of live dealer roulette: it is a roulette variant with bets placed on your computer and then transferred to a casino’s live roulette table.

Parts Of Roulette Table Game

You should know about different parts of roulette games to understand your gameplay better. Let’s give you a quick rundown of all the game’s important aspects.

Roulette Wheel

A sturdy wooden disk with a modest convex form makes up a roulette wheel. Metal partitions called separators or frets surround its rim, and roulette croupiers refer to compartments or pockets between them as boats.

The roulette wheel has been around for centuries. It features various numbers. Highest number on a roulette wheel is 36. Wheel spins in one direction, and a ball is thrown onto it in the opposite direction. Ball will eventually fall into a pocket to determine which number will win in that round.

Roulette Table

The wheel and betting layout are two elements of each table. There are two types of roulette tables – first has a single betting arrangement with a roulette wheel at one end, while second one has two betting layouts with wheel placed around the middle.
Roulette table features a green cloth, usually made of felt, that covers an entire playing surface. This cloth is printed with a diagram to show where you can place bets. These betting areas are called boxes, and they are grouped into two sections: inside and outside ones.

Roulette Chips

Chips are what you use to play roulette. They are also known as checks. You can get chips from a dealer, and they will vary in color depending on their value. For instance, a $1 chip is white, and a $5 chip is red-white.
At a casino roulette table, regular casino chips are rarely utilized. When a player lays money on the table and requests chips, the dealer will hand out special roulette chips. Each player receives a different hue of chip, allowing the dealer to keep track of who owns which chips.

Meet the Croupier

The game is overseen by a croupier or dealer, who is in charge of handling chips, accepting bets, wheel spinning, and ball handling. You must deposit money for roulette chips to place a wager.

A good croupier could definitely tell you how to play roulette and win. These experts have been trained thoroughly and know how to remain calm even when games are in full swing.

Making Bets: How Much Does Roulette Pay?

Whether you play online roulette via computer or apps for real money or just for fun, it is good to know that certain bets have higher payouts than others. Remember that if you use fewer roulette numbers in your wager, you boost your winning potential. This is because one’s chances to win a single game are greater than those of winning a play with a significant number.

Number bet onPayoutOdds again
0,00 or a single number35:137:1
0 and 00 or any 2 adjoining numbers17:118:1
Any three numbers11:11.557:1
A block of any four numbers8:18.5:1
0, 00, 1, 2, and 36:15.33:1
Column bets and Dozen bets2:12.157:1
Odd, even, red, black, 1-18, 19-361:11.111:1

How Do You Define Minimum and Maximum Bets When Playing Roulette?

Roulette newcomers should be aware that, while the game offers a wide range of betting options for an ultimate player experience, it is recommended that some limits are considered. Once players are seated, they will see plaques standing on top of roulette tables. They are so-called “table limit signs,” which indicate all constraints on roulette bet placement at specific online casinos in Canada.

The following can be found on a table limit sign:

  • The Maximum Inside Bet is $120.00
  • The Minimum Chip Denomination is $1.00
  • The Minimum Inside Bet is $11.00
  • The Minimum Outside Bet is $11.00
  • $2,500.00 – Maximum outside bet.

How Do You Differentiate Between Inside and Outside Bets?

Newbie players can rarely differentiate between inside and outside bets, but don’t worry, we are here to fix that.

  • Inside Bets

Inside bets are popular and entertaining types of wagers. Prizes can be substantial, but winning odds in roulette are minimal. These are wagers placed on the chart of various numbers ranging from 1 to 36, including zero. Simply place a chip in the middle of a numbered square of your choice. It pays 35-to-1 if it comes up.

Make sure all bets you place are higher than the table minimum bet, which can be different for various casinos and roulette tables. Minimum inside bet amounts will be posted by casinos in Canada. Minimum wager on inside bets equals the total stake throughout the table, thus if the minimum bet is $5, you could wager one dollar on five separate numbers.

  • Outside Bets

In a roulette game, there are wagers that are not based on specific numbers. Here are some hypothetical 1-to-1 even-money wagers. You can bet that a red or black number will come out on top (color bet). You can bet that the number a ball falls on will be an odd or even one. Likewise, you can wager on a high number (19 to 36) or a low number (18 or less) (high low bet).

Any of the three columns outlined on the roulette table can be wagered on (column bet). As per roulette game rules, you will be rewarded 2-to-1 if a number in that column wins. The 36 numerals are divided into three dozens. You can place a bet that a number from any of these dozens will win, and have a 2-to-1 chance of winning.

What Is the Best Way to Win at Roulette?

To win at roulette, make sure you know the game rules well. The roulette that offers the best conditions for players is French roulette, but it is rarely available at online casinos. Here is how you can make sure that you have the best chance of winning at roulette.

Try free games

Starting with the free play option is the greatest method to learn how to play roulette casino and increase your chances to win at roulette online.

If you opt to play online roulette live, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the roulette wheel, table structure, payout structure, and the personality of the Canadian casino’s live dealers before playing for real money.

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Know your variants

Surprisingly, the roulette table payout is the same in all versions of the game, meaning you’ll be paid 35-to-1 every time you get the single correct number. Your chances of beating the game, on the other hand, are different depending on the type of roulette you play.

Play outside bets

You can make many outside bets to boost your chances of winning, as long as you stick to the table minimum for each wager. If you bet $1 on even and $1 on black, for example, you’ll win $2 for balls that land on black 10 and break even if it lands on red 16.

The En Prison rule

This is among the top rules of roulette. Only even-money bets can be used with this roulette technique. When a zero appears, the player has two choices: reclaim half of the stake or forfeit the remaining half. Until an all-or-nothing stake, leave the bet (en prison = in prison) for the roulette wheel’s next spin.

This process involves betting half of your original wager (before losing it all), which can only be done when playing European Roulette and only when placing even money bets. If such bets win after hitting zero, then they are returned without any earnings, but if they don’t win – they are lost entirely, making no profit at all. Basically, this is an answer to the question of how does roulette work when it comes to the rule of confinement.

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How many numbers are there in roulette?

There are pockets on the roulette wheel with numbers ranging from 0 to 36. Within the numerical ranges of 0 – 10 and 19 – 28, the odd numbers are painted red, and the even numbers are black.

What is the best bet in roulette?

Despite roulette being a game of chance, the Martingale method, the Paroli system, and the D’Alembert system are the top rated three best roulette betting tactics according to various reviews.

How do the odds work in roulette?

The potential roulette table odds are expressed as x:1. This indicates that for every dollar you wager, you will earn x dollars. A single-number bet, for example, has a 35:1 payout. So, if you win, you’ll get your cash back plus an additional $35.

What does a number on roulette pay?

A single number bet pays 35 to 1 if the 0 and 00 are included. Whether there are red and black bets, odd and even bets, or even money bets, the payout is usually 1 for 1.

How much can I win on the green?

This is something many newbie gamblers research when they wonder roulette how to play. Winning on the green doesn’t depend on your winning methods. Depending on the roulette type you are playing, and your bet, betting on green pays 35 to 1 or 17 to 1. The American version of roulette has a green 0 and 00 on the wheel, whereas the European version only has a single green 0.

Is it possible to wager on both red and black at the same time?

You’ll have to choose between odd or even, high or low, red or black as your options. You can make your selection, wagering on all the numbers on the table if you bet on red and black at the same time.

How can I increase my chances of winning in roulette gambling?

Sticking to the table minimum and concentrating on only playing the outer bets is one of the most significant suggestions you can consider as you play online roulette as a casino rookie. Every time you bet on black or red for a fresh spin, you’ll get a 1:1 payoff while covering 18/38 possible combinations.

How do you place a bet?

When one begins to play roulette, the setting involves punters sitting around a table where the roulette wheel is set up and bets are placed. The dealer spins the wheel and places a little marble-sized ball that spins in the opposite way after all bets have been placed.

Why is a French roulette table red?

The fabric you will find on the tables for French roulette is normally crimson in land-based locations, but you might not necessarily see this when playing online. In reality, in some French-styled online roulette titles, gamblers may be offered the option of changing the felt color.

How do you deal roulette in a casino?

The dealer should take possession of the roulette table casino by standing in the middle and commanding their region. It’s the dealer’s responsibility to spin the wheel and throw the ball.

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